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Regular Cleaning
Is what most people do on a regular basis weekly vs a deep clean, which is every six months to a year. Regular cleaning often covers things like hoovering and mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms - sink, mirror, bathtub and toilet, tiding up, cleaning the kitchen - wiping down surfaces, and the microwave.  

Move Out Or Move In Specials

Move out or move in specials is where we would come in your home and clean your home after you have moved out or before you move into you new place. Contact H.D.C.L for more details and prices, by phone or email.

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Offers / Specials
  • Get 15% off when you choose two or more add on's.
  • Get 10% off on your first cleaning with H.D.C.L
  • Senior Citizen over 60 and Veterans get extra 10% each cleaning.
First time / Spring / Deep Cleaning

Is different form regular cleaning. Everything that is included in a regular cleaning plus damped wipe baseboards, windowsills, wipe doors panels, remove cobwebs, damp wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wipe out the refrigerator, wipe out oven and damp wipe off ceiling fan blades. A first time and a Deep clean is the first step in establishing a routine of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly of your home. Depending on how your home is used. You should schedule additional cleans quarterly, biannually, or yearly. 

Add On Services
  • Refrigerator Wipe Out

  • Oven Cleaning 

  • Baseboard Cleaning

  • Door Wipe Down

  • Window Cleaning

  • Ceiling Fan Wipe Down

  • Carpet Cleaning


Add on services, are services that H.D.C.L  charge extra for. Theses services are not included in your basic cleaning.  Add on services are extra services that you may add to your cleaning. We also offer carpet cleaning, and we are looking to start a program called you wash it we fold it. You may also book any of the services without getting a full house cleaning. This would be consider create your own package. We try to create easier ways for our customers to be able to come home from and long day of work of just from being out with the kids. We want to make sure that you are happy and pleased with what we do. Let us take somethings off your plate. For more information please contact us by phone or by email.

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